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Auto-login isn't working consistently

I've been playing around with the new Auto-Login feature since it was released. I'm not particularly fond of it as it seems to err on the side of allowing access, but I think with enough debugging it can work quite well for the masses.

Anyway, there are a couple of issues I'd like to have addressed, because I don't think it's working quite right (or at least not in a way that I think is right):

  1. I use a Google OpenId. Why, when I click Log Out or Log Out Everywhere, am I not logged out of Google as well, when that was the only password I had to put in to log in initially?

    When I return to the same computer, even if Auto-Login wasn't able to log me in automatically, all I have to do is click on the Google OpenId button on the login page to gain access (no password required 99% of the time). This makes no sense to me, and is totally insecure -- what's the point of logging in and logging out if all you have to do the second time is click 2 buttons? Where do I go to fully log out? This is very counterintuitive.

  2. I browse SE sites from both home and work, and I use essentially the same configuration: Firefox 3.6.10 (with NoScript, Firebug and Greasemonkey) everywhere, XP at home, Windows 7 at work. Whenever I'm finished browsing at either location, I use the Log Out Everywhere option (I'm never simultaneously browsing at both locations). Whenever I come home and navigate to a SE site, I'm automatically logged in (!), whereas at work, I'm not (I get situation #1 instead). Why/how does this happen?

I want to be happy with this system, but right now it's really not doing its job, IMO.