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Reputation league quarterly view/"own" rep seems broken

I'm not sure if it's intermittent. I'm seeing variants of this on other sites as well, and other views, but my 'own' reputation for the quarter's both slightly inconsistent, and broken at times. I am ...
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Stack Overflow needs to change to become less restrictive to adapt to an environment where ChatGPT is available

I want to write a post on the meta (here) to raise awareness of a realization that I had this morning while trying to find some information via the Internet. Sorry for the length of this post; I think ...
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Why there are no Stack Exchange sites for paganism? [closed]

Pagan religions, althrough not dominant, are widely praticized. Why there are no SE sites for them?
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120 views is missing IPv6 DNS resolution

Cloudflare is about one of the easiest way to get a domain served over both IPv4 and IPv6. However the new image hosting domain doesn't have any AAAA records. Would it be too much to ask for images to ...
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Questions of another user now appear as if asked by me

Shortly after I asked this question I received an email update and I found out that another question asked in another group by another user now appears as if it was asked by me. What is happening?
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Have an option to permanently switch to the jQuery fallback across all SE sites

Every SE site loads script from Unfortunately, the majority of Google's domains, including, are blocked by GFW. ...
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Why didn’t the community get a say in the StackOverflow Open AI partnership would go ahead? Who makes the decisions in general?

I am not here to complain about the partnership- I think we have all heard enough of that. One day we get the post about the partnership, and for many, aside from rumours, this is the first time we ...
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Please undo the tag emboldening + other network UI degradations [closed]

Why oh why must there be so much abuse of SE network site design? Kindly undo the distracting emboldening of the tags. Please re-establish vertical alignment of vote counts and views, like we used to ...
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Area 51 account disappeared

I tried to login to Area 51 after a long hiatus and got: Unable to log in: No user found I also notice it's now missing from my list of Stack Exchange accounts. Instead, my Area 51 account is linked ...
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Opening inbox redirects me to [duplicate]

I would like to kindly report a bug—whenever I click on my inbox—not “go to full inbox”, but just the inbox preview it redirects me to, and my inbox opens there. This isn't a big ...
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Revisit the idea of attachments, now that images are selfhosted

Is it time to revisit the idea of attachments, now that images are self hosted? (Stack Exchange’s image hosting arrangement with Imgur is ending - advance notice ) see old question here: Please add a ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Please enable hotlinking to images hosted under

I have just discovered that the new domain does not allow hotlinking. I assume it was done to prevent using the images outside of the SE network, however I kindly ask you to reconsider ...
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SE WebSocket partially broken: WebSocket repeatedly disconnects after about 100 seconds, prior to server sending normal heartbeat

Shortly after 05:00 UTC this morning, the Stack Exchange WebSocket started misbehaving. It (assumed) initially restarted at 05:01 UTC. Then, starting at 05:10 UTC, the server has been closing the ...
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Some tags in “Top Questions” in “Network Profile” have different colors for their font as in Meta Stack Exchange

See my network profile for top questions and answers: See the bug, status-completed, and email tags. They have a weird blue color in their tags’ font and they don’t like the color of their tags’ font ...
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Duplicate modal - row hover state not cleared

There seems to be a bug regarding the hover class in the Duplicate modal: Full resolution GIF: As commented by @VLAZ, it seems to be related to the following ...
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Where should I ask questions about Microsoft Power Platform? (Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate)

My first choice would be SharePoint SE (because SharePoint is commonly the back-end for Power Apps) but my questions are specific to Power Platform, not SharePoint. My second would be Stack Overflow ...
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Can stackexchange have a direct interface to push code from github? [closed]

I would like to see this feature implemented- an interface to push code from github- as I keep having to copy paste code between stackexchange and github. I know that github has its own discussion ...
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When overflowAI will be finally available for individual users? [closed]

Why would you make overflowAI only available to business?
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43 votes
6 answers

Options when locking an official discussion post that keep communication avenues open

We're all struggling with communication and community stress. Trust is low and people are concerned. There are lots of changes occurring and it's not always easy to follow along or keep up-to-date. ...
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Customize the appearance of Stack Exchange sites

This extremely helpful post has enabled me to customize the appearance of the up/down arrows on Stack Exchange sites. By toying around a bit and making some fortunate guesses about the names of ...
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Should footer socials be updated?

The current socials Should the footer be updated to be X instead of Twitter? The URL remains and media usually refers to "X, formerly known as Twitter", but they've technically ...
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1 answer

Markdown code for tags in older posts is rendered as text

We were able to add tags in a post using a special syntax, like this [tag:example]. For older posts, they don't appear as tags anymore. Instead they are rendered as hypertext links. This bug is "...
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15 votes
0 answers

What happend with tags? [duplicate]

Is it new tag design? The whole style of tags is changed: font, colors, filling ... That's how it looked before, e.g. on ruSO.meta And now it looks like that: I didn't find any new related ...
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180 votes
10 answers

All tag labels suddenly appear in bold font

On all the sites, the tag names started appearing bold in the last 15 or so minutes. Looks rather garish. Is this some new un-announced feature release? For example: One of the worst affected pieces ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to easily access your "saved for later"/duplicates list when voting duplicates

It would be very useful, when voting on a question as duplicate, if one could easily access the "Saved for later" list (or whatever list one uses), since that's where I keep the commonly ...
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The alignment of rep and badges is off on the top bar

I'm not sure if this has been raised elsewhere, but on the user awards in the top bar, the alignment of text for the reputation and badges is off, and it's a bit annoying: --> Meta Stack Exchange ...
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What is the personally identifiable information in the developer survey? [migrated]

I started the 2024 developer survey and stopped on page 1: On that note, throughout the survey, certain answers you and your peers give will be treated as personally identifiable information, and ...
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Where should I post a question asking for help using an app? [duplicate]

I've been having trouble registering for WhatsApp using my phone number, and I don't have any idea why it isn't working. I've gone through WhatsApp support and only gotten form answers. Searching on ...
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1 answer

Reputation league ranking showing #426 while there are only 400 ranked users

While checking the lower end of the reputation league on Worldbuilding, I think I have found a bug in the ranked positions: I would expect a 400 to come after 399. It appears when viewing the top 400 ...
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Questions about ChatGPT code [closed]

I see that using ChatGPT to provide content for answers on Stack Exchange is strictly forbidden. But what about using its provided code as the basis of a question? Here's a productivity-enhancing path ...
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When a tag is removed, why isn't it removed from watchlists?

Recent activity in New Caledonia (and the closure of the airport) made me wonder if there were any recent questions in the air-calin tag on Travel. It's one of my watched tags, so I clicked it and -- ...
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Cloudflare is causing images to return 429s

After loading a chat transcript with a large number of images, requests to have started returning 429s and a Cloudflare CAPTCHA check, which... seems to defeat the point of a dedicated ...
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What is the correct way to ask help finding an old SE Q&A I can't find anymore? [duplicate]

I am an active member of Sci-Fi and Fantasy SE and I found myself in this situation several times: I see a question (sometimes answered) that piques my interest. I read it, mark it down in my memory ...
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Can we exchange one index for another one?

In the Stack Exchange Data Explorer only the most logical/beneficial yet minimal set of indexes is created for the tables found in the schema. One of those indexes is on the Users table: CREATE ...
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"Last seen more than x ago" is sometimes inaccurate

"Last seen more than x ago" is sometimes inaccurate. Example (mirror): "Last seen more than 1 month ago", even though they posted a question 22h ago.
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1 answer

Allow editing already-submitted “In need of moderator intervention” flag comments

After I submit text for the flagging reason “In need of moderator intervention”, it's not possible to edit it. So my feature-request is: after submitting the "In need of moderator intervention&...
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12 votes
0 answers

Old non-HTTPS image stubs in posts say "upload to Imgur" in the post editor

This is a two-part bug report. We had a flag on 2011 Moderator Election - Town Hall Chat Digest that the avatars weren't loading, and because it was meta, a user couldn't edit it. All the answers ...
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Does Stack Overflow require that OverflowAI partners refrain from using Stack Exchange contributions in contravention of the license?

This is a subset of What, exactly, is Stack Overflow's agreement with OpenAI?, but it seems that we are playing Twenty Questions this month. Representatives of the company (e.g. the Chief Product ...
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-29 votes
2 answers

Stack Overflow announcement profile

Feature request: a Stack Overflow announcement account! So as you all know, Stack Overflow manages a lot of the administration of the Stack Exchange network, so this is not site specific. I just want ...
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0 answers

The code snippet window sometimes doesn't close

The code snippet window sometimes doesn't close. Below is an example of this issue on SO with Chrome + Windows 10 when I was writing a question, which prevented me from continuing to write the ...
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Can't bold/italicise text in backticks [duplicate]

If you surround something with the backticks symbol, then enclose some part of the surrounded text with * or **, the text won't bold or italicise. For example: this does *not* work... this also does **...
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2 answers

How should I go about retrieving the date of when a question became/was no longer hot with SEDE?

I am currently making a SEDE query to determine which questions from a specific user have made it onto the Hot Network Questions list and when. While I can get the specific questions, I am unable to ...
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(COMPLETED) Site maintenance - Thursday, May 16th, 2024, 22:00 - 23:00 UTC (6 PM - 7 PM EDT)

[UPDATE - Maintenance complete] We will be performing maintenance on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange sites on Thursday, May 16th, 2024, 22:00 - 23:00 UTC (6 PM - 7 PM EDT). During the maintenance ...
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4 answers

What deliverables would you like to see out of a working group?

Over the last few years, a few different projects have required working groups to be formed by willing community users. Some of those were: Moderator Election Revamp OverflowAI Code of Conduct Update ...
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Is the forced dark mode flag in Chromium-based browsers supported?

Chromium-based browsers support a feature flag about:flags/#enable-force-dark to force a dark theme on sites. Over the years this feature has existed, we've gotten many bug reports of things not ...
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17 votes
1 answer

What does the recent blog post mean by "community-driven AI"?

The title of this blog post is: OverflowAI is now Generally Available! A new era of community-driven AI I don't fully understand what it means by "community-driven AI". From a lot of the ...
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Stack Overflow in Read Only mode for past 2 days [closed]

I posted a question yesteday. Output characters to Word document with different formatting for each character When I tried to edit it I was told that Stack Overflow is in read only mode. It is still ...
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Stack Overflow | Borders on every UI element [closed]

There is nothing really to say about it; the screenshots are explaining it by themselves. It looks like an active CSS Debugging. The bug has existing since weeks/months. iOS 17.5 (I updated today). ...
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What does the "timeline score" of a question mean?

If you go to some questions and open history, you might see "timeline score: _". What does that mean? Does it mean the number of upvotes - downvotes? Or is it just saying who upvoted/...
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Why is a user's reputation re-calculated when one of their posts is deleted?

When a user's question or answer gets deleted, their reputation gets re-calculated. Like if my answer gets an upvote, and then gets deleted, I lose my ten rep that I gained from the upvote. I guess I ...
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