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Should all linked accounts get the 100 bonus?
How does “Reputation” work?

Recently, I received 100 rep because one of my accounts hit 200+ reputation. All the accounts received this addition, except Stack Overflow. Why not?

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You did receive the association bonus. Take a look at https://stackoverflow.com/reputation, which provides a detailed breakdown of your reputation score. See at the top where it says --bonuses (100)? That's the association bonus that's been granted to you.

  • If I got a +100 bonus, why is my rep still 169, before and after the bonus? -- 2011-07-18 rep +4 = 169 -- 2011-07-27 rep 0 = 169 Shouldn't the last entry say 100 = 269? – TookTheRook Jul 28 '11 at 14:01
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    Look at the rest of your rep report. You'll see that your rep starts counting from 101, not 1 since the beginning. The association bonus is just general "on my account", not "on this day". – Rebecca Chernoff Jul 28 '11 at 16:01

I would suggest emailing team@stackoverflow.com They're quite responsive and can probably address this quite quickly.

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    That answer is ancient; reassociating really shouldn't do anything anymore – Michael Mrozek Jul 28 '11 at 4:21
  • I edited to remove the second suggestion. – M. Tibbits Jul 28 '11 at 4:23

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