I'm not sure if this question belongs here, how ever it is related with Stackoverflow (and me).

Recently, I had a chance to talk with Team manager in mobile company which name is irrelevant. He was asking me what I do, what do I study etc. I showed him some of my applications and he offered me to send him my CV or résumé ASAP.

I'm writing my CV right now. I have a paragraph where I state my contributions and projects, I wonder would it be good idea if I add my contribution towards StackOverflow community I do in free time? Would I exaggerate things? Will that information be relevant, regardless of my point of view and reckoning towards it?


We covered this in detail here and here on Programmers SE. I'll copy my own answer to the first question below.

It Depends

When I was looking for a job a [few months] ago, I didn't put a link to SO on my resume, but I did mention that I participate on SO and added a link to my blog that contains the SO "flair" on the About page. At that point I had about 3000 rep.

I wouldn't try to leverage rep, but I would leverage intelligent participation. If you act like a moron on SO and draw attention to it, that's obviously a bad move. But if you say "hey, I participate on this dedicated Q&A site" and you have been giving good answers and asking smart questions, it can work in your favour as it shows passion for your work and fellow developers.


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