I think it's helpful if we can go to a page and view all our own questions that

  1. Does not have an accepted answer, and/or
  2. Does not have an answer yet.

The reason I asked for them is because, I sometimes need to review through all the questions, and pick those that don't have proper answers so that I can perform further operations on them ( such as offering a bounty, or accept an existing answer).


Pop these slices of french toast queries into the site search:

For your own questions without an accepted answer:

user:me hasaccepted:0

For those that do not have an answer yet:

user:me answers:0

Butter up, sprinkle with sugar and enjoy.

  • "hasaccepted:0 wiki:0 closed:0 user:me" also filters out closed and wiki ones. Add "answers:1" and you almost have the "All questions preventing you from reaching 100%" view, the only missing criteria "question must be 3 days or older" – Michael Stum Jan 1 '10 at 23:08

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