What would happen/How would close votes appear in case of

  • 1 too localised vote
  • 2 not a real question votes
  • 2 not constructive votes

How would message about closing look like?


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The question would be closed with which ever out of "Not a Real Question" or "Not Constructive" was cast last.

The rules are (as far as I know):

  1. Take the reason a moderator used to close.
  2. Take the reason with >= 3 votes (>= 4 for a migration)
  3. In the event of a tie take the reason of the last vote cast out of those involved in the tie.

Jarrod provided some clarification for this on Gaming's Meta (credit to Grace Note for linking the question in chat), explaining:

In the event of a tie, the last close vote will be used, e.g. in the following order

  1. NaRQ
  2. off-topic
  3. NaRQ
  4. off-topic
  5. S&A

the question would be closed as off-topic.

This is also reflected in the FAQ entry on closed posts, under the section "What if multiple close reasons are used on a question?"

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