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When editing my career profile I am unable to add a link to my 200+ rep StackExchange account.

This looks like a bug because I expect to be able to do that.

In the case if that matters, account I'm trying to link is at StackOverflow. Also note that I am able to link answers from that account.

Additional information.

I've got career profile honoris causa - ie prior to having a 200+ rep acct.

  1. As long as I had no 200+rep, I was unable to link neither account nor answers - which looked fair enough because this matched my understanding of explanations given by StackExchange docs. I expected this to change after I get 200+ rep at some acct.

  2. After passing 200 rep mark at SO acct, I logged to career profile and tested whether I am able to update it with links from that acct.

  3. I found that though I am able to link answers, there seem to be no way to link the account. Edit link is there and when I click it, Please select/save/cancel are shown - but there seem to be nothing in between that would somehow allow me to supply a reference to account to add (input field or drop-down list or whatever).

I reproduced the issue with FireFox 3.6 on windows 7 and XP and with IE 9 on windoze 7.

In case if that matters: last time I tested it was few minutes ago; my rep at SO acct was 400+ at the moment of this test.

  • It looks like the account information in my Careers profile is lagging behind a few days, so there's probably a general issue with the account sync process right now. – Tim Stone Jul 31 '11 at 5:49

Sorry about that gnat. Take a look now. Your accounts should be there.

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