I am having an issue accepting my Careers invitation. I get the following error:

Hmm, that email already exists on another account. You will need to log out of your existing account and log back in.

I was using a Google OpenID on Stack Overflow that was different from the one I used to authorize Careers but had the same details.

(Google apps accounts migration issue; I won't go into details.)

I tried to rectify the issue by associating my Stack Overflow account with my new Google OpenID, and removing the defunct one; both my StackOverflow and Careers have matching OpenIDs.

However it didn't help and I am still getting that error.

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Sorry about that, you should be all set now. Try again?

  • Thanks, it's working perfectly now.
    – AshHeskes
    Aug 1, 2011 at 15:23

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