I have checked the Mathematics Stack Exchange site, and have noticed equation syntax on the questions. Is there a guide or link of how to write these formulas?

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Probably, these links might help you.


LaTeX/Advanced Mathematics

In the above links, the equations are embedded within \begin{equation} and \end{equation}, you just have to replace those with double dollar signs $$.

By the way, Math.SE uses MathJax, which uses LaTeX to formulate equations.

Screenshot from Math.SE to show some sample equations:


In the Mathematics Help Center / Our Model, there is a pinned link: "How can I format mathematics here?". The page linked there has a brief "Getting Started" guide to MathJax, and a link to the main MathJax quick reference page FAQ (which can load rather slowly because it has a lot of MathJax on it).

It also links to a page of additional pointers and references. The latter page has numerous helpful links, including a link to the very comprehensive Alphabetical List of TEX Commands available in MathJax, by Dr Carol Fisher.

The Quantum Computing site has a guide: "Tutorial: How to use TeX/MathJax to render math notation?", which expands on Math.meta.SE's "MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference". Similarly, the Physics Help Center has "What notation and symbols are commonly used here?".

See also this Q&A: "What site-specific post formatting settings are available?" for a list of other notational formats supported by Stack Exchange; including a list of MathJax supported sites.

A full list of the sites that support MathJax is also maintained at "Which Stack Exchange sites use MathJax?".

However, (currently) not all of those sites have such a /notation link in their Help center (eg, Astronomy).

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    This is better than the answers I found on the Math.SE meta. Nice job with the examples. Commented Aug 5, 2011 at 1:11

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