I have just reached 10k and started to review flags.

I have seen at least 3 flags like

possible vandalism of own posts; deletion in short time
.......             ...........
.......             ...........
.......             ...........

why do these users vandalise their own posts? Can somebody give me an example why would they do that?


It depends on the context; sometimes (usually, perhaps) it is simply users checking on a few answers and removing posts that have faults (maybe someone has noted flaws in comments, and better answers exist).

Sometimes it is a rage-quit; that is the real reason there is an automatic flag if the system spots this pattern. If people want to leave, that is up to them -but we'd prefer it if they didn't damage their answers in the process. We spot mass edits for similar reasons.


It is difficult to interpret the actions of users without speaking to them, so there can be any number of reasons for this:

  • Users decide they don't want to participate in the site any more and decide to delete their content instead of using the correct route to account deletion.
  • A user gets negatively voted on some of their questions/answers and decides to lash out at the site.
  • Occasionally it isn't vandalism, they are just pruning what they consider bad questions/answers, even if the community might find them useful.

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