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Don't show "removed from [site name] for reasons of moderation" for self-deleted posts

I was whining about how self-deleted questions described themselves improperly, when Dr. Mrozek corrected me. However, I've reproduced the behavior — at the expense of preventing his answer to my deleted question from getting any rep, oops. Your sacrifice is acknowledged.

Anyways, it should say it was voluntarily removed by the author, and it does if I'm not logged in. But when I am logged in, I see the reason-of-moderation message:


Theoretically, it would also be moderation if I deleted my own question on Android or Music, but not here on MSO. So this looks to be a bug. If intended, I don't get it ... why hide from the user that they deleted their post? They already know, and the workaround to see the real reason is dead simple.