I love the new Careers 2.0 CV and the ability to host it online as well as producing a PDF (so recruiters have a way to file it).

One suggestion I have is the following: while I 'Like' a bunch of programming languages (say Python and Javascript in addition to C#) I am not as proficient in them (because I haven't actively used it in a while). I'd like a way to self-rate my proficiency so I can indicate to the recruiter (and interviewer) my knowledge in it.

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    Definitely +1. While I may get top 10% in a bunch of technologies, I would say that my abilities are truly expert level in a subset of those. Aug 15 '11 at 18:31

Yep, this is something we've been thinking about. A couple of ideas we've been kicking around:

Rate your Technologies

For each technology you list, rate yourself in it, e.g.:

Like:  [c# *****] [asp.net ****] [java **] [python **]

(with better grahical treatment...)

Multiple, Customizable Technology Lists

Create any number of lists and label them whatever you want, e.g.:

Expert:   [c#] [asp.net] [javascript]  
Familiar: [java] [jquery] [asp.net-mvc]    
Like:     [python] [ruby]   
Dislike:  [cobol] [tdd]   

Expandable Technology Details

Allow drilling down on a technology, e.g.:

[c#]      5+ years of experience, top 10% on Stack Overflow, 2 open source projects, Microsoft MVP 2006 - Current  
[asp.net] 5+ years of experience, 2 open source projects
[jquery]  3+ years of experience, top 20% on Stack Overflow  
[sql]     3+ years of experience, top 20% on Stack Overflow

Thoughts / ideas? None of these are completely a home run, which is why we haven't implemented them yet...

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    Number 3 is probably the most meaningful for a hiring manager - I'd vote for that
    – Pekka
    Aug 16 '11 at 13:01
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    I think #2 or #3 would be good, I think. #1 makes it too easy to confuse the skill rating with a measure of how much I like the technology, since the field is called "Like:".
    – Adam Lear StaffMod
    Aug 16 '11 at 13:16
  • @Anna good point, hadn't thought of that Aug 16 '11 at 13:42

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