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Flag deemed Invalid, but question closed for the same reason

Some time ago, I've flagged this post: I want to start Java Stand alone(Swing) application without dos prompt to open? with "very low quality" flag. My flag was considered Invalid and then, some time later I see this post closed because it's "closed as not a real question".

"Very low quality" stands for "This question has severe formatting or content problems. This question is unlikely to be salvageable through editing, and might need to be removed".

Why is my flag considered invalid?


Well, clearly because you weren't holding your mouth right when you submitted that flag. Or maybe this one is because the moon was in the wrong phase.

Or more likely, because the flag was processed by a moderator, who marked it as invalid, but the question was closed by a consensus of 5 users with 3k+ reputation (close vote privileges).

Only moderators have the ability to mark flags as valid or invalid, so this happens fairly often. The closing was not connected to your flag; it was merely a coincidence.

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