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Optional notification on an edit to an answer - This is about something else, but still useful.

Not often, but still sometimes, someone edits my posts. I know I can see a list of those on the "revisions" tab of the "responses" view in my profile, but then I would have to look there regularly. Could I get a notification of those edits in my global inbox?

(I just checked, there is no such mention in my global inbox (It would be on page 9/10 now, for the last edit of one of my posts).)

Much more often actually I'm editing posts (questions/answers) of other people, and I think it would be fair if they would get a notification about these, even if I don't post an explicit comment.

The message could be something like:

edit on Why do java arrays have no indexOf method?
Added: return NOT_FOUND;

I.e. first the question title, then the edit comment. The link could either go to the revision list or the question/answer itself.

The inbox could also include suggested edits on my posts by people who don't yet have enough reputation, so I could approve/reject them myself, without needed intervention of other edit-approvers. (They would still be visible on the global queue, of course.)

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