On the Markdown Editing Help page, every section is lead off by a header element that can be directly linked to (e.g. Spoilers). If a section can be expanded (e.g. Links) , each sub-section also has a header element that has an anchor associated with it (e.g. Links -> Advanced links).

When I click on a link that goes an outer section (e.g. Spoilers or Links), I'm taken to the help page with the section highlighted (and expanded if it is expandable). However if I click on a link that goes to a sub-section (e.g. Links -> Advanced links), I'm taken to the help page, only nothing is highlight and nothing is expanded. It's the same UX as if I was just directly linked to the help page, only with the sub-section's anchor tag in the URL.

It would be nice if the sub-section link was at least treated as if the outer section was clicked (e.g. the same view as if I would have clicked on Links).

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Starting with the next build, the parent section will be used for these sub-sections, so linking to #advanced-links will effectively be linking to #links.

This was actually already the case as far as the JavaScript goes, but some missing attributes on the sub-sections was hindering things here, all better after the next build.

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