Note: There is a nice background discussion on this here: Should tags take the form foobar or foo-bar?. This discussion is not part of this question however:

I'd like to go through and propose a bunch of synonyms for tags as either -> or -> .

My Question: Is there a way through the Data Explorer or Advanced Search or tag page to identify the tags which only differ by a hyphen?

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    why don't we disallow creation of new tags that differ from existing by hyphen only ? – waffles Sep 12 '11 at 4:35

It's pretty easy with SEDE; there's an alarming 607 results

SELECT a.TagName AS First, b.TagName AS Second
FROM Tags AS a, Tags AS b
WHERE a.Id < b.Id
AND REPLACE(a.TagName, '-', '') = REPLACE(b.TagName, '-', '');​
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I just added some rules to stop us from bleeding in future.


If you attempt to create the tag bac-on and the tag bacon already exists we will block you. Same goes for the reverse.

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