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Comments that fail to post start the "You can only comment every 5 seconds" timer

The most irritating limit-feature on SO is, by far, the resetting comment timer. The only good thing about it is that I didn't run into it for more than a year, I had almost forgotten about it.

But when I now post a comment like

@John, like @Pete said ....

there is an error telling me that at most 1 person will be notified and then that resetting timer kicks in. Argggh.

Two requests:

  • exclude this error from triggering the timer
  • and/or turn this error into a warning and let me post the comment anyway.

For reference, Writing less than 15 characters in a comment triggers the 30 second protection is a similar report/request. I is marked [by-design] but the issue seems to have been fixed nonetheless.

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