I want to know how to create a new tag on Stack Overflow. Where is the entrance of this function?

Please post a screenshot for me. Thanks a lot.


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You need 1500 reputation on Stack Overflow to create a new tag. Unfortunately, you don't have that much yet.

If you did have 1500 rep, then you could create a new tag simply by adding the tag to a question. The tag will be created automatically.

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    well .. how about suggesting a tag to stack community ? how much rep do i need at-least to suggest them in order to ask a question on this community related to that particular tag only. Commented Feb 15, 2017 at 13:30
  • Still can't create it even though my reputation is over minimum required repuation
    – Farid
    Commented Nov 5, 2019 at 13:59
  • @Farid: I'm asssuming you have followed the guidelines at https://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/create-tags it should work once you cross 1500. If not this could be a bug
    – JoseK
    Commented Nov 6, 2019 at 5:39
  • @JoseK, exactly, I have 1500+ reputation on stackoverflow.com yet, system removes the tag once the question posted. Anyway, not a big deal ))
    – Farid
    Commented Nov 6, 2019 at 7:20

You edit a question and type in a tag that doesn't exist, so long as you have the create tag privilege.

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    System immediately removes my tag even though I've reputation over the threshhold necessary to create new tag
    – Farid
    Commented Nov 5, 2019 at 13:58

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