For all these questions: https://stackoverflow.com/search?q=opendatabase+%5Bjavascript%5D

I think we need to add the tag (and/or )

This will make it easier for people to find questions dealing with the openDatabase() feature in HTML5.

I would do it myself, but that might cause the unnecessary bumping of old questions.


There is no way to "automatically" add a tag to posts. So the only way to do this is via editing.

I don't really think the tag is that essential, honestly, so I'd say just add it (via standard editing) to the 10 most recent / best questions that are examples and be done with it.


Go right ahead and edit them as you're able. I suggest doing ~10 at a time, to avoid fatigue...

But really, don't worry too much about bumping on Stack Overflow; if you're taking your time and addressing any other issues with the tags (or perhaps even the titles...) while editing, you shouldn't be able to flood the main page for long. Remember, bumping is a feature!

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