Now that I invested some effort into composing my Careers profile I began wondering how could I backup it for the case of eventual data loss?

  • Did it happened to you that you clicked that little red cross near the book or article that you carefully selected, strategically placed in the list and thoroughly summarized? It happened to me at careers. Once. After that I decided to take care of making a backup.

Solution I use now looks as follows:
1. open Profile -> Employer view
2. click through all the display more... links to expand lists
3. in browser (FF) click through File -> Save Page As... -> Web Page, complete

I wonder if there's a better way to do stuff like that?

I wonder in particular if there's sort of time machine that would keep step-by-step track for all the changes I do to careers profile. So that I could for example click contact us link, send a mail asking to recover the state of profile as it was, say on Aug 26, 2011 and get it done?

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    Backup, not just in case of accidental data loss, but because we as geeks like data portability and would prefer to be able to export the whole profile in a machine readable format - which we can either re-import later, or simply just keep somewhere safe! – ibz Apr 28 '12 at 17:57

I think that this would be a nice addition, but I would take it a small step further. Why not allow the importing of pdf copies of our resume which we've exported?

  • I see export and re-import. Option like that would be convenient to me - thanks for idea. As for pdf resume, backup-wise it seems compromised don't you think? I mean, it doesn't cover Stack Exchange, Writing, Reading sections - in my case that's quite a lot of important stuff. – gnat Aug 27 '11 at 7:16

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