Vim questions: do they belong to Stack Overflow or Super User? - Discussing which site vim questions should be asked.

Are questions about vi, vim, and other clones on-topic here? - Discussing whether vim is on topic at http://unix.stackexchange.com

My question Upgrading Vim on Mac OS X regarding vim boiled down to, what I believe, is a developer issue. The $PATH value in your ~/.bash_profile and using an IDE. Not only that but the community has seemed to agree that SO is the place for vim questions.

I don't particularly care if the question gets moved back to SO. I'd just like to know, why was it moved in the first place? What aspect of my question made it more suitable for SU?


Your question is neither about programming, nor about using vim, both of which would qualify it for SO. It's about how to get your OS to pick up a specific executable when you call it without a qualified path. It's not specific to vim, nor something specific to developers at all.

So it's a better fit for SU.

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