I was just browsing through the review tab, and I saw a link to Wikipedia at the bottom of a tag information/about page. After looking around, I have seen quite a few of these. (I was going to post on Meta Super User, but this is probably Stack Exchange-wide).

Shouldn't tag wiki pages have all the necessary information contained in them so that a user would have no need to leave the site? Or even possibly a syndication of Wikipedia data (a la Facebook info pages)?

To me, it just seems a little strange.


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The link should not be provided in order to direct the user away, it should be provided in order to meet Wikipedia's attribution requirements. Although, there are some topics with gigantic, in-depth Wikipedia articles; I see no need to provide that much information here. Tag wikis are not a primary repository of knowledge.

Wikipedia has a lot of good information, so I see no reason not to take advantage of it. Ideally our tag wikis will be customized to our sites and go beyond a wiki excerpt, but it's a great starting point.

Note that, as Jeff says on the question I linked above, basic concepts need not be defined in tag wikis. Linking to Wikipedia for the sake of it, or in order to prevent a wiki from being blank, is not useful.

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