Is there a way, perhaps in Analytics, for a site's moderators to see how many people are subscribed to that site's newsletter? If not, could there be?


Done. The mod analytics page now has a "Newsletter Subscriptions" report, which shows numbers of confirmed subscriptions and unsubscriptions per day.

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  • Thanks! Any chance you could also provide the current total? In this case, I'm much more interested in that than in the rate of change. – Isaac Moses Oct 16 '11 at 3:22
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    You can see the total #s of confirmed subscriptions and unsubscriptions beneath the rate-of-change charts for your selected date range. So, to get the total # of subscribers, select a date range that includes the newsletter's entire history, and subtract the # of unsubscriptions from the # of confirmed subscriptions. – Emmett Oct 16 '11 at 21:59

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