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Allow flagging a Comment after voting it up

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However that question doesn't address the problem of an accidental upvote leading to being unable to flag a comment. Instead it merely agrees with the logic of not being able to report something you supported and leaves it at that.


Whilst I agree with the logic of not needing to flag a comment you've upvoted, I would like to re-introduce what that question (and several others) fail to address, which is the desire to correct the inability to flag a comment after accidentally upvoting it. This happened to me moments ago, and I'm surprised that I'm not finding more support for this.

That being said, I would like to do what other questions failed, and formerly request a process to flag a comment that has been accidentally upvoted (be it via undoing an upvote or what have you).

If said process exists, how does one go about reconciling this?

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