This SO question has several discussion comments going back and forth about whether the question belongs on SO or Meta.

The question is asking about how a specific feature of the site is implemented from a coding perspective (so that the OP might duplicate it in their own implementation), which can make it a legitimate programming question.

According to the Meta FAQ: "If your "question is about ... Stack Overflow / The core Stack Exchange engine", it should be asked here.

Here are some similar example questions on Meta:

Where do these questions belong?


My opinion is that it belongs on Meta, as it asks a direct question about the SE engine. Though, Marc Gravell says that it belongs on SO because it can be used as an example and generic question about the used programming technique (URL rewriting), and he has a point (and a diamond, don't forget the diamond).

I'd reword the question to be more generic and leave it on SO.

About the others, those are more direct questions about SE-specific things, as far as I can see.

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