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Best way to earn rep when unable to answer quickly

I have been getting a lot of help from reading the stack overflow answers to android/java questions. My issue is that the problems that I have encountered have all been asked and answered. So, I don't ask questions and I don't provide answers so that my reputation doesn't change.

I wouldn't care, except that I am getting such good help from some of the answers, that I would really like to be able to vote up the answers.

How do I get myself to reputation 15 in my situation so that I can participate at least enough to say thank you?

Or am I missing something?

Thank you.

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    at least enough to say thank you <-- Please don't do this. I know it's polite in most places but on SE it's only clutter and discouraged. An upvote/marked as correct answer is all the thanks needed. – Nifle Sep 4 '11 at 8:49
  • Ask good questions. Make it really easy for folks to help you, and many will show their gratitude with upvotes.
  • Get good enough in your preferred subject area to answer knowledgeably and well. Revel in upvotes.
  • Suggest edits to existing questions and answers. Each edit you write, and is accepted, nets you +2 rep. Find a post that could stand to be improved and click the improve this question link.
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