I recently had two accounts merged (old, new); now my accounts on the following sites all use the same OpenID:

Most of them are associated with the network profile 519a3b7d-a883-4788-ad1c-2333e2657fd4, but the last two in bold aren't; they're on the profile 3166c184-56ba-4b54-968d-e8b08855fc9a, even though they all use the same OpenID and I can login to them the same way.

How can I get this fixed so all my accounts will be under a single network profile?


I tried clearing your associations on Unix and Linux and somehow broke it worse, but then Rebecca Chernoff looked into it and did some sort of magic. I see all 13 accounts pointing to 519a3b7d-a883-4788-ad1c-2333e2657fd4 now.

In the future, you should be able to fix this yourself unless it's extremely broken. On a given accounts tab, at the bottom you should see a "Clear all Stack Exchange account associations" button. Click that and wait 15 minutes for the change to propagate. Then you should see a list of all your accounts, with an "associate with other sites" button:

Screenshot of the button

Clicking that should associate all your accounts under a single network profile

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