I was reviewing suggested edits when I ran across this one (to this question):

enter image description here

I expected to see some Approve or Reject buttons, but instead, it sits there just daring me to try anything. It's survived a few refreshes. It might as well be wearing a troll face.

EDIT: the question was migrated, likely after the suggested edit was made.


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This was happening on locked posts.

I changed it so when a post is locked all suggested edits are rejected by the community user with the note:

Post was locked - suggested edit can not be processed


That happens whenever a post is locked after the edit is submitted. Locking happens either when a question is migrated or (rarely) when a moderator hit the “lock” button. I believe suggested edits are deleted when a question is deleted, though there may be a race condition if the edit is submitted close to the time of deletion.

The behavior of suggested edits on migrated questions was changed recently. Looks like a bug crept in then.

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