Most of the time when I exceed my 200 cap, I get 200 + the sum of all accepted answers. I am curious why sometimes that is not the case. Today I had 2 accepted answers, meaning the most I could come away with was 230. Yet I seem to have been capped at 220:

enter image description here

Now I'm being totally honest here, I really don't care about the 10 rep points. I'm just curious if there are non-obvious factors that go into the math that calculates the cap. I did down-vote a couple of poor questions today, but I did not down-vote any answers.


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Someone has removed a vote from one of your old answers, or a question has been deleted/migrated along with your answer which had 1 upvote, or you have deleted an answer with 1 upvote yourself. Reputation score is held in different sources and not every action which affects reputation takes all those sources into account. This is "by design".

Pushing the recalc button at buttom of https://stackoverflow.com/reputation will align everything.

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