I think there's an issue with the current RSS feeds where a question is re-added to the feed when the title or other content is edited. I have a few feeds on tags such as emacs which started getting significant increase in traffic recently. On viewing some of the items they all had recently been edited.

I saw a reference to this specific bug having been fixed in the RSS overhaul question, however the behavior still seems to be occurring.

Here's an example of one of the older items the popped back into the RSS after a title edit: Emacs question

Feed URL being used: https://stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag/emacs

RSS reader: Google Reader


You can get around this by using a tool I have created called Stack2RSS. This tool will generate an RSS feed from an API route.

In your case, you want a feed that contains questions tagged but you do not want question edits to show up. Therefore, the URL for your feed would be:


This will result in only new questions showing up in the feed.

  • I ended up deleting the feed long before any answers were posted. Forgot about the question & didn't check back here for answers until I saw I had some meta rep for some reason :-) Thanks for the reply & workaround.
    – sbaker
    Dec 4 '12 at 19:12

The default for the tag feeds is to sort by the last activity date.

If you want a different sort order, go to the questions list for the tag, and then use the feed link on that page to get the ordering you're after:

Finally note that each feed item includes both the "published" (created) date, and the "updated" (last-modified) date (George's work-around includes only published). So if your feed reader sorts by the latter, but you add the "newest" feed you'll get something of a cross between Newest and Active.

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