I've been using the Search box much more frequently since Nick deployed his Lucene magic. Beats the Google site: selector hassle and the results are generally good. One thing it doesn't do however is consider words in the code snippets. I do post a lot of code snippets and I'm having a tough time finding them back. I'm concerned that if I can't find them back then neither can anybody else that uses the SO search box.

Sample query: user:17034 filedrop

Does not find this highly upvoted answer. The user selector makes no difference btw, it puts a +15 answer on top.


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The issue here is the choice of word separators. Google treats all punctuation as word separators with a few exceptions such as c++. Lucene on Stack Exchange is configured to treat . as a word component. A search for user:17034 DataFormats.FileDrop finds the answer you're after. I don't know if there's a way to configure the word separator that will satisfy everybody.

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    Well, sure. The point I tried to make is that it is actually detectable that the common conventions no longer apply. It is a code snippet. Starkly obvious to human eyes, no doubt to a parser. Sep 10, 2011 at 22:58

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