Could we put in the Tag Wiki Excerpt a little description on how to use the tag? For example, tags 90% of the time require a tag about the language you are using the Regex with. So we could write: "Regular expressions are a powerful form of declarative programming language, mainly used for pattern matching within strings. When you use this tag, remember to add the tag of the language you are using the regular expression with" or for "versioned" tags add a note that it's better to add the "main tag". So for example in the we could write "C# 4.0 introduces features like dynamic objects, and optional and named parameters. There are also improvements in the area of COM interoperability. It's often better to add the C# tag or the .NET tag to your questions when you use this tag".

The reasoning: Regex questions DO need the language used, and newbies don't know it (and it's their right: nowhere it's written). Versioned tags suffer from the fact that many persons follow only the "main" tag and filter their question for that tag (so if you tag your question the possibilities you have a person will notice it are lower than if you had tagged it . This happens especially if you misstag using tags like or . Often your problem isn't really of asp.net or of silverlight. It's of pure C#.)

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    I regularly see tags with this, and I create tag wikis like this. So in my opinion: Go ahead! – user154510 Sep 13 '11 at 19:47
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    Ssee my improvement to the regex tag. – user102937 Sep 13 '11 at 20:32
  • @Robert Exactly as I was thinking! :-) Is it possible to use <br> to put it on a new line? – xanatos Sep 14 '11 at 8:00

I like your C# example, but advice on how to use tags should be more declarative:

Use this tag if your question pertains specifically to C# 4.0 features. Otherwise, use the C# tag.

This advice should go in the tag wiki excerpt, so that users can immediately see the advice in the dropdown and in the tag editor. But keep it very brief. The shorter the advice is, the more likely the advice will be read.

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