Currently, in a Careers profile we have "Top 10% in Tag XY". This is nice, but I think it would be even better to display that value not for "All time", but only for the last 30 (or 60 or 90) days. I believe, the recent activity is even more interesting to others.


I can't say I really understand where you're coming from. You certainly wouldn't say that about the employment or education sections of the profile so I don't know why it would apply here or what makes it more interesting.

  • I think it also is relevant for the employment and education sections. But there you are free to only fill in the recent activity. Really, no one cares what I have done 10 years ago, if I haven't done something similar lately. – Daniel Hilgarth Sep 15 '11 at 6:23
  • @Daniel: There are two orders of magnitude between 90 days and 10 years, I don't see how your 10 years argument could apply to something 90 days old. – Jason Punyon Sep 15 '11 at 12:38

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