It would be a nice feature to have a special tab menu next to the inbox menu for instance, (in the StackExchange drop-down menu), with the links of the Beta and Committed SE sites in which I'm involved.

Currently, it's a bit tricky to have easy & direct access to them... It will remind me to check and participate.

  • Yes agreed! It would be convenient – Adel Oct 10 '11 at 6:44

This would be especially nice for the Beta sites that aren't listed at the bottom of the home page, since you have to memorize them, or as I have done, keep the original beta email so I can find them when I need to.
I agree it would also give a reminder to us to keep our participation up.

It would be simple to add another link that says something like 'Beta Sites' like so:

Beta Sites in Global Inbox


Providing a link to the beta sites where you can view your subscribed sites and other betas would allow users to browse more easily. I think that this would increase participation on beta sites both of subscribed members and those who have not seen the beta sites yet.


What about going to your profile and clicking the accounts tab is tricky?

enter image description here

Yours are at:


They're also listed on your network profile at:


I don't think this is necessary. The top bar has a lot of information, but it's currently mostly unobtrusive. If you want something easily accessible from a dropdown, use a bookmark folder in your toolbar.

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