I opened my Stack Overflow account by logging in through Facebook.

I would prefer not to use Google/OpenID/Facebook, and instead login directly with an email address (one that is not associated with any Google/Facebook/etc account).

Is it possible to now change this association? I can't seem to do it through 'my logins', as that only allows me to associate my account with other login services.


Stack Exchange is itself an OpenID provider (blog post). Go to openid.stackexchange.com

Set up an account and then add that via the "my logins" link on your profile page.

  • Thanks, perfect answer!! – bitfed Sep 15 '11 at 17:21

Stack Exchange supports OpenID logins only - no "normal" user/password logins.

You could host your own OpenID provider software (e.g. SimpleID) or use one of the other OpenID providers out there. See My OpenID provider is shutting down; how do I change my Stack Exchange login? for OpenID provider selection hints.

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