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Rightmost tags in Favorite Tags are cut-off on the right

Right now the tags in sidebar have display: inline, so when you add tags to favorite/ignored lists there are bugs in Safari, Chrome and Opera:

Bug in Webkits Bug in Opera

In Opera the tags on the second line and further don't have padding at the start, in Webkit there are no right padding and border on all lines except the last.

To fix it you can change the display of tags from inline to inline-block (and change some other style according to it).

There is a jsfiddle with the current and fixed variants: http://jsfiddle.net/kizu/EaveS/

So, to fix it you must replace the following lines in the selector for the tags:

font-size: 90%;
line-height: 2.4;


display: inline-block;
font: 90%/1.2 Arial, sans-serif;
margin: .33em 2px .33em 0;

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