https://stackoverflow.com/privileges/view-close-votes says

How do I view close votes and reasons?

Click on the "close" link under any of your questions, under the question text and to the left side.

Yet, I don't see that link.


Is the advice in error, or did I miss it?


Your question is already closed. If it wasn't, that reopen link would read close — you can only view the vote counts during voting.

When the question is actually closed, the users who voted (and the winning close reason) are made public, anyway.

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  • Ah, so the advice is in error. Thanks. – ChrisJJ Sep 27 '11 at 20:55

Once the question closes, the close link changes to the reopen link.

At that point, I don't think the vote counts are available to view any longer, as the information is consolidated into the closing banner.

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The question to which the screenshot is referring is already closed; that is why you don't see the link to close it. It has been replaced from the link to reopen it.

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