"How do I view close votes and reasons?" error? answer says

When the question is actually closed, the users who voted (and the winning close reason) are made public, anyway.

yet is see no list of voting users on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7135573/how-may-one-install-visual-c-2010-express-on-windows-xp-sp2-not-sp3 .

What's up?

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    There is a list of one – random Sep 27 '11 at 21:00

The list of users who voted to close that question is reported after "closed as too localized by." There is just a user who voted to close it, because that user is a moderator (diamond user), and moderator's votes are blinding, which means the vote from a moderator closes the question.

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It appears in the close reason.

List of closers

Because it was closed by a moderator, the list only has one node.

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