Image links and regular images look exactly alike, making it difficult for someone to figure out that there's a link there. I'd like to suggest a minor style change, something like:


There are a few different options, but they are basically:

  • Images links can have borders: this would make it easier to see, without hovering the mouse on them, that they are links. The downside is that it might not look good.

  • Image links will generate a drop shadow when someone hovers over them. Yes, I realize the cursor changes, but this would make it clearer.

What do you think?

PS: I realize SO doesn't use images a whole lot, but the newer SE sites might.

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Note that Meta Stack Overflow has image-link styling already:

Image without link

Image no link

Image with link

Image with link

I could've sworn other sites, particularly Gaming, had the same style, but after testing a few sites now, it appears only Meta Stack Overflow has it.


This is a good idea.

I think the current styling that "underlines" the image looks ugly and broken. I was actually trying to figure out how that artifact got into one of my posts, then I realized it was the result of a border-bottom style being used to produce a dotted underline, instead of the expected text-decoration: underline;.

This is all fine and good for text-based hyperlinks, but we can do better for images. Perhaps a 3D shadow effect to suggest "popping" out of the page, like we do for hoverable gravatars? I think this works well enough as a hint now, and would be even better if something like this or this is ever implemented.

Here's just a simple demonstration of the effect (I'm no graphic designer and only pretending to be a web developer):

box-shadow: 0px 4px 5px #888;

(plus all the vendor-specific prefix versions, if y'all still do that)


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