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Please do something to encourage people to scale down their giant heavyweight photos

This is a follow-up to this feature request that currently has 25 upvotes and has been discussed on Bicycles meta and on DIY meta (the two sites I believe benefit the most from this improvement) and now it looks like a good for all solution is clear.

Many users upload images right from their gazillion megapixel cameras to imgur.com and we have giant super hi-res images to just show something which fits into a much smaller image. So the net result is that all users have to download 700 kilobyte images on page load even if they don't need a hi-res version of each image.

This answer by user Jeremy Banks suggests the following. For each image on imgur.com a downscaled version can be requested - imgur.com will render it on itself. For each image path https://i.sstatic.net/ImageCode.jpg the same path with l before dot - https://i.sstatic.net/ImageCodel.jpg - will retrieve a downscaled version of the image.

So could you please implement the following: when I insert an image with ![description][X] markdown pattern show the downscaled version of the image which has a link to the full-size version underneath (I mean usual stuff when one can click on the image and see a hi-res version)?



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