I just listened to Stack Exchange Podcast #20 where Joel and Jeff talk about the problems with duplicate questions and how Joel would prefer a single good canonical answer that duplicate questions can be pointed to. The problem with Facebook questions is that there are a ton coming in but very low view count, and even less flag count so I am asking for help in getting the necessary votes to clean these up.

The biggest problem question is "how do I set the thumbnail image for my page?", with a slight variation of it being "why isn't my thumbnail image updating". I need the community's help closing these as duplicate. Here are 25 duplicate questions pulled from the first 3 pages of Google results (there are lots more though):

Best duplicate target: http://facebook.stackoverflow.com/questions/1138460/how-does-facebook-sharer-select-images

List of duplicates: (feel free to update this list or remove entries once they get closed)

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    Ok, the problem is Lasse (a moderator) closed it and then re-opened it immediately, clearing our close votes. Since we already voted to close once, we can't again. Can you take another look -- it looks to me like it's a problem with getting status 500, not with anything actually related to the duplicate we've been selecting. Maybe that's why? – agf Oct 3 '11 at 3:17

Thanks for all the close votes. They have all been cleaned up or closed.

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