It recently became more difficult to post questions from newer users that are composed mostly of code.

It looks like you can simply use backticks to format text as code to bypass this restriction. For example, this question (since deleted, only visible to 10k users) is a giant block of obfuscated Javascript and no explanation whatsoever outside of the title, "Can anyone decode this?"

The filter that blocks mostly-code questions should also take backticked sections of the post body into account when considering the code:not-code ratio.


Sigh; people are annoyingly inventive when it comes to getting around these things. The next build will include a strengthened version of this check, that uses all of the core markdown=>markup rendering, rather that trying to "fake it" with a quick glance at the unprocessed markdown. Or in other words - this won't be possible after the next deploy (it correctly identifies that example as zero context).

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