I just joined the history private beta and since this was my first time on today I noticed I had a notification for 1 item.

When I clicked on Inbox in the super-collider the Inbox section was blank. I assumed there wouldn't be a problem because when I signed in with SSO it suggested to link my accounts.

When checking my accounts page it has a message I've never seen before:

"These associations are changing, please check back in 14 minutes."

I'm guessing the problem with my missing Inbox will resolve in 14 minutes?

I couldn't find the meaning of this message mentioned on meta. If this is not the reason, can someone please explain the message for future reference anyway.


Aye, looks like this was just a temporary glitch. Seems like your inbox is properly filled now?

As to the message, these actions are done in a queue at the network level, and as such may not be done immediately.

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