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Allow rel=“me” in stackoverflow profile HTML

I tried to have this code in my profile:

<a href="http://knarf.se/" rel="external me">Ego-Hub</a>

I got de-tagged, why can't i have a such tag?

The rel-attribute says that the link is external, and that you (or I, depending on viewpoint) says that the link should be treated as.

That attribute also say s that it is a page 'bout me.

I guess this can't be seen as a bug, but more of a low-prio feature request, I guess.

Okay, so my link that already is on my profile is marked as rel="nofollow me" -- So why is that not mentioned anywhere? (I just checked the source of my profile-page here at meta)

And the nofollow-thing goes into thin air when one have 2ĸ -- Why ain't that not mentioned? That is kind of very strong incentive to why one should be active here and be a good girl/boy/hen/whatever one prefers to be referred to; And provide good answers to others questions.

Still, I would like to have two rel="external me" to both github and panaramio.

And quite possibly to google-profile too (Even if it's connected to my old mail, use regular gmail and not their buissniess-version, as it is not very well supported -- I can for example still not get an Google+ account)...

I guess that you can guess that I'm not linking back to any StEx-sites (Even if that would be beneficial to me, to get a completely interconnected nest around me on the web); At least not until i hit 2k at some of the sites.

And I would say that my question is still not answered, So I asks it again but with less fuzz, and rephrasing:

Why can I not have a link that says exactly the following on my StackExchange-profile:

<a href="http://knarf.se/about" rel="external me">About me</a>


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