Is it possible to remove the link to my gravatar picture?

I don't see anywhere on the site to be able to do this.


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Oops, totally misread your question. The only way to remove the automated avatar image without putting a new one there would be to sign up for Gravatar with the same email you use for your SE profile and use a blank image as your Gravatar.

No, there's no way to not use Gravatar, but you have several options:

  • Change your email address to be of the form username+blablabla@example.com. Anything between the + symbol and the @ sign usually gets ignored, so email from SE will still be routed to you, while the Gravatar hash will be changed. (On some services, this will be the - sign, and on some others, all symbols will be important, so check with your email provider.

  • Use an alternate email address and setup forwarding to your regular email for SE emails. (Most free online providers like Gmail provide this).

  • Remove your email from your profile.

  • Wow, email tags are supported? So I guess that would answer my potential question of how can I have a different a different image per account. Awesome, it works. :) Oct 18, 2011 at 1:05

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