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Can we have a page with only questions about interesting tags?

Is there some way that I can only view questions that are tagged with one of my favorite tags? If not, would people find this useful enough to be added as a new feature?

I find myself scanning questions for tags that are in my favorite tags quite often...

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Try the Favorite Tags filter on Stack Exchange: it allows you to view questions based on your favorite tags across the entire Stack Exchange network. You can also create a new filter for more fine-grained control over which questions are shown.

The following links provide more detailed explanations of tag filters.


All of the questions that have your favorite tags are shaded differently than other. (Same goes for the ignored tags.)

  • And you can hide questions that are on your ignored list - go to "prefs" and click "hide ignored tags". – Andrew Grimm Nov 1 '11 at 2:57

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