There are two tags and on SO. I suggest to make a synonym for .

There are also a lot of another xcode tags such as , , , e.g. Some of them are very rarely used, but I not sure that all of them should have the same synonym.

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+1 that should be made a synonym of .

I don't think all of the versions should be synonymized, because Xcode can change substantially between major versions. Witness, for example, the difference between Xcode 3 and Xcode 4. Even Xcode 4.2 is different from 4.1 because of the iOS 5-specific things that were added (support for Storyboards, for example).

However, tags like aren't very worthwhile, and I'd recommend that we only have tags for the major feature releases: , , , etc. Minor versions such as should be collapsed into their parent version tag of .

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