I've found this question, and the difference in points is explained quite well. But for me, the difference is larger and I think I can't explain it.

My total reputation on Stack Overflow is 19,928, while my year's reputation is 17,080. Now, I've been a member for less than a year. Does this mean the score of other Stack Exchange sites is counted in the total? If so, why not in the year score?


You joined on 2010-11-18, so the reputation you earned during the first month and a half of your time as a member on Stack Overflow was part of the reputation earned last year, versus the 17,080 reputation you've earned after 2010-12-31 (this year).

Put another way, the intervals are determined based on the calendar, instead of a sliding window.

  • Sound and clear. Didn't think of that, but it makes complete sense. Thanks :) – GolezTrol Oct 29 '11 at 10:10

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