Many times I see a post on the review page, that obviously doesn't need flagging, but it does need editing. How about giving us an edit link which will open up the post, and put you in edit mode directly? OR even better open up an inline editing box (with the full text)?

Think of the click and page-load savings, cha-ching!

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When you press review question/answer on any post on the review page there appears an edit link. That is, when you press review question/answer you don't end up at the page of the question/answer but the question/answer is expanded so that you may review it and act appropriately on it. So, since reviewing doesn't take you away from the review page I don't think there's reason to add an edit button.

Here's how it works. You look at posts in the review page and find one which you want to review Review before expansion after you click it the posts expands and you can read it in full format. Review after expansion As seen, there's an edit button at the bottom of the expanded post.

This functionality was newly added, see Allow marking posts as reviewed on /review and hide them for details.

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  • Thanks, that is helpful. It saves a new page being loaded. – Lance Roberts Nov 2 '11 at 19:48

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