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Notify question OP (and those who marked it a favourite) if an answer has been modified

1. Feature Request

I asked a question, someone answered it. I put on comments because it could not solve my problem. He put comments then I did again. Then he went ahead and revamped the whole answer for me. I should get a notification for that.

If answer text changes by lets say 50 alphabets or more or it changes in amount of text by 10%, the author should get a notification for the update answer. No comments needed to be made to tell the user I have updated the answer. That comment is redundant since you made enough change to the answer that it should produce notification by itself.

2. Bug

I encountered two problems actually. I know SO does not send notification about updated answer but what happened the short answer that was given to me was explained in full (it size increased by 3 times at least), then someone put a comment on that and then another comment because it was a good answer. I never got notification for any of it. I accidentally checked the question for no apparent reason and I see the update answer. The updated answer solved my problem and he was only one person that was helping me out. I would have missed his answer if I didn't come their by chance. Now this happened to me a couple of time lately that I have not been notified of comment being added to an answer.